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June 22, 2021 2024-03-01 8:14

Run SME interviews for content at scale without calls & meetings

Easily collect insights from your subject matter experts (SMEs) and get
detailed content outlines/briefs that show you and your writers exactly
what to write per topic, based on those SME contributions.

No credit card required

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The problem

You’re tired of trying to get insights
from experts who don’t have time

You’re sick of chasing SMEs around to get the insights you need from them.
You have access to knowledgeable thought leaders but find it hard to extract their insights for content.
You struggle with manually tracking where things are at with each SME collaboration.

The solution

Let busy SMEs share insights in their own time with async interviews...

... and automate the manual tasks involved in following up
with them and extracting their insights.

SME interviews at scale
Faster responses from SMEs
Smoother content creation processes with SMEs
SME insights storage for easy reference

Why Leaps is so powerful


Async SME interviews at scale

Collect critical insights from several SMEs at once — where they can easily answer your questions with text or voice notes (you can ditch your transcription tools)

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Automated follow-ups with SMEs

Automate sending periodic follow-up emails to SMEs if they don't respond in time, reminding and prompting them to respond


SME-driven content outlines

Create detailed and structured content outlines (for reports, articles, newsletters, etc.) showing your writers exactly what to cover – based on those insights from SMEs

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Track SME collaborations

Manage and track all SME collaborations in one central platform; see which SMEs have/haven't responded, read/haven't read your questions, passed/not passed deadlines, etc.

SME insights database

What they're saying
about Leaps 😀

"I really like how little Leaps requires from the SME. No sign-up, no accounts.

They just receive an email, click a link and answer questions. And because SME's aren't required to register, it can be used for (consenting) external SME's too, which I think is super cool.

I can see it saving a couple of hours a month at least. But the true benefit is how it removes all those manual emails that I forget and then send out too late which disrupts the creation flow."
Mattis Løfqvist
Content & Comms Manager @ Sign In Workspace
"I like the fact that you can get as specific as you want with questions.

Leaps will suggest a few based on the information you provide, but you can get as nitty-gritty as you’d like when positioning questions for SMEs.

I also appreciate the automatic reminders — because, hey, we’re all busy!

The brief I received afterwards was great for handing off to a freelancer and letting them run with it — and customizable, so if there’s anything that didn’t come out of the SME answers that I’d like to add for context, I can always do that."
Lex Winship
Head of Brand & Content @ Loxo

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